No Posers

Our aim is to help equip 7th through 12th grade students to become lifelong followers of Christ who, in turn, make lifelong followers of Christ. We don't just believe that they are the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today.

We gather on Wednesdays for worship in an atmosphere where students really feel at home. Students hang out before service playing games, eating pizza, and just spending time with one another. Service begins at 6:30pm followed by time spent in God's Word. This is when we look to the Bible to see who God really is and His plan for our lives.

We all gather together on Sunday mornings for worship as a congregation, and then we come together in the youth building for a time of study in our awesome Sunday School program. I can assure you this is not your average idea of Sunday School! We study topics relevant to students, and we use a one of a kind system that rotates each grade through a different topic each 10 weeks. This way, you never hear the same thing twice, or get used to where you are. The kids love it and so do we.

On Sunday evenings we come together for Impakt. Through Impakt we have created an environment of community that we believe God intended for His church. We break into small groups and spend time discussing how to practically apply the truths that we find in Scripture. We have amazing youth leaders that are committed to walking with the students through the trials that come with being a teenager in this world. We desire to challenge our students to bring the hope that can only be found in Christ to that world!

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