What to ask when CPS calls for placement:

  1. How long has the child been in CPS custody?
  2. Is this their first foster home? If not, what was the reason for leaving their prior foster home(s)?
  3. Does this look like it will be a long term or short term placement with us?
  4. What is the reason the child was pulled from their family?
  5. How many placements has he/she previously been in?
  6. What is the child's medical history?
  7. Are there any court dates or previously made appointments that we need to be aware of?
  8. Does the child have siblings in another resource home?
  9. Do grandparents/other relatives have contact/visitation with the child?
  10. What school or day care does the child currently attend, if any?
  11. Are there any funds available for day care/after care attendance?
  12. Board payment paperwork?
  13. Don't forget to get your Letter of Placement for each child.
  14. Don't forget to get your Bio Sheet for each child.
  15. For any trips you will be taking in the near future, find out who needs to be notified and what information they will need for approval.